US IP and Mexico see women as energetic industry promoters


Although 50% of the Mexican population are women, just the 10% participate in the energetic industry, that’s why US and Mexican business organizations commit to increase feminine empowerment and close the gender gap, elevating their productivity and growth.

Last April, the Mexican Business Coordinating Council and the US Department of Energy (DOE) celebrated the “Women in Energy, Closing the Gender Gap” workshop, as an effort to draw attention to their leadership and participation in the sector.

Beth Urbanas (United States Department of Energy’s Assistant Secretary) explained that due to the current context, women can play a very relevant position supporting “our countries ” to move forward in a sustainable and modern energetic industry.

She also said that “to address the climate crisis and achieve our shared goals, we need diverse perspectives on the table” and that “eliminate the barriers to count with more women in the energetic industry is a key in this solution and to achieve our zero emissions economic by 2050”.

For her part, Lucía Bustamante (Shell’s Government Relations Director in Mexico) emphasizes the women participation as a fact that allows increase industry productivity between 15 and 20 percent.

“The CCE is committed one hundred percent with Mexican women in the searching of inclusion, gender equality and life improvement. We have the goal of impulse their growth in industry with actions that develop their potential. To achieve it we must start with the promotion of equality in every social and business area.”  confirms Francisco Cervantes, president of the Business Coordinating Council.

Original Work Published in Spanish.

Lilia G., (2022, April 27). IP de EU y México visualizan a las mujeres como impulsoras del sector energético. El Economista.