January 28, International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day


Reducing CO2 emissions should be a global event, which brings us to International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day, set by the United Nations and held on January 28 each year. Since CO2 is such a big contributor to climate change, this event intends to change the way countries around the world operate and promote the development and application of measures aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over time, this day seeks to aid the world’s transition to a cleaner environment.

It is linked with the 13th Sustainable Development goal, ‘Climate Action’. The amount of CO2 derives from human activity, and comes from fossil fuels, agriculture, and transport.

CO2 emissions reduction can improve air quality, heal the environment, benefit local economies, and even improve public health.

These are some reasons to consider the consequences of our actions on the planet, is our chance to make a difference. We have the power to reduce emissions and impact our planet’s future for the best.

What to do to reduce your business emissions?

It is time to think about ways to use the natural power that the sun provides us each day. A good idea will be investing in a large project like purchasing solar panels.

At Ammper, we are committed to the environment, society, and the growth of our employees, which is why we push our commitment through a comprehensive ESG strategy.